As we talk about, basic engine topics, they are all related to, other components within the engine.

You may have heard about, some of these before, but, do you understand them.

But, it’s important to know, what their role is and how they relate, to other components within the engine.

Firstly, getting to know more about, basic engine topics, can be quite benifical. And, it can help you understand, what is actually going on, under your hood. So, most people see an engine, as a big confusing jumble of metal, tubes and wires. While many of us think of the engine, as one major component. But, it’s actually made up of, several individual components, working simultaneously.

Some Basic Engine Topics Include:

Engine Block

So, the engine block ( sometimes called the bottom end ), is the very core of the engine. And, is often made of aluminum or cast iron. It houses the cylinders, as well as several other holes. Consequently, many of these holes provide, water and oil flow paths, to cool and lubricate the engine. Also called, the engine bottom end.


So, the crankshaft is located, in the lower section ( sometimes called the bottom end ), of the engine block. The crankshaft is responsible, for the proper operation of the engine, by converting a linear motion, to a rotational motion.

Cylinder Head

So, the cylinder head, ( sometimes called the top end ) sits above the cylinders, on top of the engine block. And, closes in the top of the cylinder, forming the combustion chamber. Also called, the engine top end.

Basic Engine Topics - Several engine components, working simultaneously.
Basic Engine Topics – Several engine components, working simultaneously.

Choose Your Basic Engine Topics Below

Automotive Engine Rebuild – Is it worth it – How do I make the choice.

Basic Engine Machining – Understanding the machine shop processes.

Connecting Rods – Create the link between the piston and crankshaft.

Crankshafts – Converts the vertical movement of pistons into a rotation.

Cylinder Heads – They all have the same job, but just do it differently.

Diesel Engine – They are sophisticated and often, difficult to diagnose.

Engine Bearings – Enable moving parts, to spin freely in the engine.

Engine Blocks – Are the home, for all of the major engine components.

Problems And Damage – The most expensive of all repairs.

Mechanical Problems – Usually caused by, detonation, heat and lack of oil.

Oil Pressure – Oil pumps don’t create pressure, they only create flow.

Piston Ring – Seals the combustion chamber, while dissipating heat.

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