You can learn alot about the health of your vehicle from the color and amount of visible smoke coming from your exhaust.

When operating properly, Your vehicle exhaust smoke should be nearly undetectable.

Consequently, If vehicle exhaust smoke is visible, you likely have a real problem, and one that will require a skilled auto technician to remedy.

The most common form of smoke from an exhaust isn’t actually smoke at all. When a cold engine is started, it soon begins to heat up, and a byproduct of this is water vapour. This creates condensation within the exhaust system, which then turns into steam as the water vapour is heated up by the rising temperatures in the engine and exhaust that follow.

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It is important to pay attention to the visual clues there is a problem, such as excessive and colorful exhaust smoke.

So, Thin white smoke (especially on a chilly morning) is nothing to be concerned about. While, Thick white smoke on the other hand can indicate a problem. In particular it could mean that your engine is burning coolant, which could indicate a problem with a head gasket. Finally, If the coolant leak mixes with the oil in your engine it’ll create a more difficult problem to correct.

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