A visual inspection of the Spark Plugs will display symptoms and conditions of the engine’s performance.

So, Always examine the tips of the spark plugs.

Although it initiates the spark to create combustion, the spark plug doesn’t sustain it. It does help to transmit heat out of the combustion chamber into the water jacket of the cylinder head.

The ability of a spark plug to dissipate heat from the combustion chamber is defined by the spark plug “heat range.” The temperature of the firing end of the spark plug must be maintained at a level high enough to prevent fouling, but low enough to prevent pre-ignition. So, Spark plug manufacturers refer to this as “thermal performance.” Thermal performance, or heat range of the spark plug, has nothing to do with the amount of energy transferred from the ignition system through the spark plug. As a result, Spark plug heat range is the area in which the spark plug functions thermally.

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Spark Plug Problems

So, Spark plug problems can arise from a variety of things. Since they are continuously in use while an engine is running, they have a natural shelf life and can wear out. But certain conditions can cause them to wear out faster than usual or to go bad very quickly.

Consequently, Here are some of the common ways that they can fail:

  • Oil in the Combustion Chamber
  • Improperly Gapped Spark Plugs
  • Carbon Build Up
  • Overheating

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