Slow Idle, Bad Idle, Lumpy Idle, And Fast Idle Issues are symptoms that should be investigated, Diagnosed and repaired.

Most idle issues can be very frustrating, but with some patient troubleshooting, you’ll have a chance at figuring it out.

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Tips For Hard-to-Find Idle Problems

  • Scan your computer for possible trouble codes, even if you don’t see the light coming on. You may have some pending codes that can steer you in the right direction.
  • Did you do some work on your engine and soon after you noticed a rough idle. Make sure you didn’t leave something unplugged, a loose vacuum hose, or didn’t properly reassemble the air cleaning assembly. Even a small air leak can cause engine performance problems.

Some engines, specially modern ones, Are picky about the type of parts you install. A poor quality component may not work as expected. When replacing ignition components or some other electrical or electronic parts, try to use (OEM) parts.

  • Idle speed is the speed at which the crankshaft rotates when the throttle plate or valve is at rest. On modern vehicles, the computer controls idle speed, although a bad or failing sensor or mechanical malfunction can upset it. On older car models, though, adjusting idle speed is part of the tune-up procedure.
  • Ignition timing (spark timing) means how early or late the spark plug fires. Consequently, In relation to the position of the pistons in the cylinders. An engine slightly out of time can idle roughly since the spark is not in sync with the cylinders. Too much timing advance or retardation causes serious drivability problems. Many problems may upset timing. However, the most common is an overstretched timing belt or chain, or a bad tensioner after miles of operation.

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