Exhaust Smoke
Exhaust Smoke

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So, The first thing you need to do is; identify when the exhaust smoke comes from your vehicle. Consequently, If it comes from the exhaust when accelerating; that might indicate a different problem than it sitting stationary.

And, Once you’ve worked out when the smoke occurs; next try and determine what color of smoke it is. Is it white like clouds? Is it grey with a hint of a blue tinge to it? Or is it thick and black? Does it evaporate as soon as it’s in the air? Or does the exhaust smoke linger and come with an acrid smell? If it’s black smoke; does it leave soot on the road under the exhaust tip when your stationary?

So, Engines do not last forever; and at some point are going to wear out and cause problems. As a result, There comes a point in the lifecycle of any vehicle; where some serious problems arise, like exhaust smoke. These are the kind of problems which; if ignored, may very well lead to the full breakdown of your vehicle. Replacing parts are doing repairs is much cheaper than buying a new car.

Finally, The real issue is with vehicles that are poorly maintained; the exhaust smoke could be a clear sign of neglect.

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