So, there are two kinds of engine timing, that take a seat in every engine.

The first is called camshaft timing and the second is ignition timing.

Camshaft timing ( also know as, valve timing ) and ignition timing ( also know, as spark timing ) make the magic happen.

They are two totally different actions, but need to be timed together, to actually make the engine work.

So, to understand the importance of engine timing, let’s understand, what is happening within your engine.

Camshaft timing, has more to do with, all of the heavy stuff, moving quickly inside your engine.

Ignition timing, on the other hand focuses on; when the spark to ignite the air/fuel mixture, occurs within the engine cycle.

Engines have a timing belt or chain, that takes energy from the crankshaft and uses it, to spin the camshaft. Its job is to make sure, the valves are out of the way, when that piston comes flying toward them. But, in some engines, the piston can actually impact a valve, at the top of its movement. In these engines, called “interference” type engines, even a slight slip in cam timing, can be catastrophic. This is one reason it’s so important, to inspect your timing belt for wear or damage.

Ignition timing (or spark timing), controls when the spark plug fires, during the compression stroke. Many newer cars have an electronic ignition system, which times the spark more precisely, than a mechanical system. It also wears less, so it is always at peak efficiency.

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