Engine Timing - Why Is Engine Timing So Important
Engine Timing – Why Is Engine Timing So Important

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So, To understand the importance of engine timing; let’s understand what is happening within the cylinders of a normal engine.

Consequently, Your engine is a complex symphony of rapidly moving parts; pistons, rods, valves, pulleys, camshafts, and a crankshaft. As a result, All of these heavy; strong pieces are moving with great velocity inside your engine.

Furthermore, Your piston moves up and down; the valves move in and out; the connecting rods push and pull; and the crankshaft spins wildly at the center of it all. Finally, This symphony plays itself out; thousands of times every minute as you drive down the street. Also, don’t forget about Variable Valve Timing (VVT)

So, There are two kinds of timing that take a seat at every engine event. The first is called cam timing; the second is ignition timing. But, Cam timing has more to do with all of the heavy stuff; moving fast inside your engine.

So, Engines have a timing belt or chain; that takes energy from the crankshaft and uses it to spin the camshaft. Consequently, Its job is to make sure the valves; are out of the way when that piston comes flying toward them. But, In some engines; the piston can actually impact a valve at the top of its movement. So, In these engines, called “interference” type engines; even a slight slip in cam timing can be catastrophic. This is one reason it’s so important; to inspect your timing belt for wear or damage.

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