Analyzing Poor Engine Performance Issues - Knowing What To Do
Analyzing Poor Engine Performance Issues – Knowing What To Do

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Analyzing Poor Engine Performance Issues; Is the first step to fixing the problem.

So, As the performance of your engine starts to diminish; the system might exhibit warning signs that are unique. Understanding these signs will assist you in; identifying when they occur and what to do when it happens. Finally, Remember that your engine is an extremely complicated system. And, as such, requires preventative maintenance.

Analyzing Poor Engine Performance, Warning Signs:

  • Check Engine Light Activates
  • Loss Of Engine Power
  • Excessive Fuel Consumption
  • Different Or Louder Noises
  • Engine Stalling
  • Odd Smells
  • Engine Keeps Running After Ignition Is Off
  • Rough Running, Misfiring Engine

Finally, The computer monitors functions of a number of engine compartment components. And, When a problem develops codes; which relate to the particular system; will be set and retained in computer memory. As a result, When this happens, The check engine light on the dash will illuminate.

So, a hard fault will cause the light to stay on continuously. Consequently, this is the easiest problem to find because, the problem is there; right now. But, If the light comes on and goes out; the fault is intermittent. Also, Meaning the problem was there momentarily; but has cleared up. Finally, Both of these conditions will set computer codes; that are retained by the computer.


So, There are certain things that must be done; prior to replacing parts or performing service. Finally, You have to know what the problem is before you can know how to fix it.

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