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About Danny Bender
About Danny Bender

Danny’s EnginePortal.com is all about sharing information; to help solve engine problems.

I have been into cars for as long as I can remember; but the engine is what interested me the most. So, now with over 40 years in the; engine rebuilding and machine shop industry I have retired. As a result, I will be spending my time sharing what I have learned. Finally, my goal is to keep learning; to be able to help solve engine problems.

So, it’s my hope that these articles; are able to help you get answers to your automotive questions. Also, I put a lot of effort into organizing the information; in a format that is informative and easy to navigate. Don’t worry, it’s not all words. I have added images; to help create an interactive environment; that I think is easy to follow and entertaining. So, If you have an automotive related question; check out our blog posts; or use the search function to find what you are looking for.

Our site contains information about DIY auto repairs; diagnostic troubleshooting and test procedures.

So, here you will find a wealth of automotive engine information; and many other resources to help you with your automotive issues big or small. Finally, we will talk about many of today’s issues; and some of the ways to solve them.

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