We are all about sharing, automotive repair information. Automotive repair tips, tech info, machine operations and engine testing. And, possible solutions, to help solve engine problems.

So, whether you are a mechanic or a car enthusiast. There is a lot you can learn, from your fellow mechanics, automotive repair professionals and car lovers.

About - Danny's Engineportal
About – Danny’s Engineportal

Danny’s Engineportal is about sharing information, to help solve engine problems.

I have always been interested in cars, but the engine is what interested me the most. So, now with over 40 years in the engine rebuilding and machine shop industry, I have retired. Consequently, I will be spending my time, sharing what I have learned. Also, my goal is to keep learning, to be able to help solve engine problems.

So, it’s my hope that these articles, are able to help you get answers to your automotive questions. Also, I put a lot of effort into organizing this information. And, hopefully in a format, that is informative and easy to navigate. Don’t worry, it’s not all words. I have added images, as well as Links, to help create an interactive environment. Check out our blog posts or use the search function, to find what you are looking for.

Our site contains information about DIY auto repairs. Engine Rebuilding, Basic Engine Machining, Tech Information, Diagnostic Troubleshooting, And Testing With Possible Solutions.

So, here you will find many other resources, to help you with your automotive problems big or small. Finally, we will talk about many of today’s issues and some of the ways to solve them.

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