Exhaust Noise 02-05 Ford 6.0L Diesel Engines

Manifold Leaks - Intake And Exhaust Are Both Bad
Manifold Leaks - Intake And Exhaust Are Both Bad

Abnormal Exhaust Noise on 02-05 Ford 6.0L Diesel Engines is a growing concern as these engines become older. As a result many of these units will fail inspections if this Exhaust Noise is not repaired.

Most installers have found out that the leak is between the manifold and the cylinder head. In addition this engine never did have a manifold gasket from the factory.

Exhaust Noise-02-05 Ford 6.0L Diesel Engines

Unique would be a good way to describe it, because now the engine was smaller. The stroke increased compared to the 7.3L. The bore decreased compared to the 7.3L. Not only was the engine smaller with 365 cubic inches, but the engine was totally revamped.

Some of the changes included,

  • Different engine gear train
  • Cylinder heads,
  • Turbo
  • Injectors
  • HPOP oiling system
  • Even more sensors and actuators
  • EGR cooler and EGR valve

For most applications, improvements for any engine come from cylinder head modifications. Now for the 6.0L, the cylinder head would have four valves per cylinder. There are two intake valves each measuring 1.33” and two exhaust valves each measuring 1.10”. But, the valves were placed in the cylinder head in a “twisted” fashion with two separate intake runners per cylinder.

Hence, The reason for the “twisted” position was to help introduce swirl into the combustion chamber.

Remember, the combustion chamber is part of the piston bowl. The higher the port swirl is in the combustion chamber, the more efficiently diesel fuel will ignite. This also helps reduce the “knocking” sound that older diesel engines produced.

So the end result is a quieter engine that makes other noises come to life.

Consequently you will need to send the manifolds to your local Machine Shop to be resurfaced.

Exhaust Noise
Exhaust Noise

Now customers can buy manifold gaskets to solve this problem. So what are your choices ?

  • OEM # 1855240C1
  • Felpro # MS96833
  • Victor as well # MS19312

This same gasket also fits,

MakeModelYear RangePositionDrive WheelVeh. Qty.Engine BaseEngines VINEngine Desg
Ford1F-450 Super Duty2007-2003N/A16.0L V8 (363 CID)
Ford2Excursion2005-2003N/A16.0L V8 (363 CID)
Ford3F-250 Super Duty2007-2003N/A16.0L V8 (363 CID)
Ford4E-450 Super Duty2010-2004N/A16.0L V8 (363 CID)
Ford5E-350 Club Wagon2005-2004N/A16.0L V8 (363 CID)
Ford6F-550 Super Duty2007-2003N/A16.0L V8 (363 CID)
Ford7F-350 Super Duty2007-2003N/A16.0L V8 (363 CID)
Ford8E-350 Super Duty2010-2004N/A16.0L V8 (363 CID)

As a result Exhaust noise solved !

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