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So, Many of the automotive engines used in the industry today are four-stroke internal combustion engines. These engines get their name ‘four-stroke’ from the four distinct phases that occur in the engine during operation. Being the first phase, fuel and air are taken into the combustion chamber, earning this phase the name; intake phase. A piston is then used to compress the fuel in the next phase. Thereafter a spark is used to ignite the fuel to cause a controlled explosion. As a result, This explosion provides the engine with the energy required to drive the car forward.

The ignition of the fuel varies in diesel powered engines and gasoline powered engines. Gasoline powered engines make use of a spark to ignite the fuel. The spark is generated through electrical components. On the other hand, the fuel in a diesel engine is ignited through compression. Finally, After the ignition phase, the final part in the four-stroke phase is the exhaust phase. During which, the unused fuel and carbon emissions are let out of the combustion chamber. Consequently, To allow new fuel and gas to enter the space, allowing the process to start over again.