If a Motorcycle-ATV repair seems overwhelming, it probably is and the job should be turned over to a professional mechanic.

There will be some things you can do yourself and we will be adding them to this list.

Tips For Maintaining Your Motorcycle-ATV Engine. Motorcycle- ATV engine maintenance is one of the most important things that you can do to keep your beauty on the road for a very long time. You may be aware of some of these tips already, but we want to show you a list of all of them that can aid in keeping your Motorcycle-ATV up and running.

So you’re thinking about saving a buck or two by attempting a little ATV repair work on your own? Just not quite sure which repairs to try and how to go about it? We’ll pass on a few tips here.

I won’t tell you to jump in and try to fix everything yourself. Our goal here is to save money and you won’t do that by screwing something up.

I think the best strategy is to do what you’re comfortable with and let the pros handle everything else. There are a few ways to save a buck when you have to go to the shop and we’ll cover those below.

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  • Do a good job of maintaining your ATV so you can avoid unnecessary repairs. So, The best way to save money is not to have to do the repairs at all! Also, Save money by doing most of the common maintenance yourself.
  • Keep the ATV as clean as possible. Don’t let mud dry on it. But be careful with power washers – they can do more harm than good if you go crazy with one. It’s easy to force mud into wheel bearings, steering stems, suspension pivots, etc. if you’re not careful.
  • If you do have to take the ATV to the shop, make sure you wash it before you go. Also, The hourly shop rate is the same if they’re washing your quad or fixing your engine! You can’t believe how many people drop off dirty ATVs and never think about the $65 hourly shop rate.
  • Remove parts yourself and take them to the shop instead of the whole ATV. Need an ATV tire repair? Don’t pay the shop to take the wheel off – do it yourself. You get the idea.
  • Don’t abuse your ride! If you don’t tear it up – it won’t need to be fixed! Really watch it around rocks, deep water, and mud.
  • Don’t put repairs off until later. It only gets worse. Do it now before something else breaks.
  • Don’t attempt jobs beyond your capability. That varies a lot for all of us. But basically don’t try to do things like adjust the valves if you really don’t know what you’re doing. A lot of expensive damage may be the end result!
  • Learn how to do more complicated jobs by hanging out with people who do know. Watch, listen, and learn. Most folks are willing to help someone who’s sincere about learning.
  • Use good quality parts. There’s nothing worse than spending time and money on an ATV repair and then having a failure caused by a poor quality part.