Engine Noises, Pay attention to Them.

Exploring Engine noises can be tricky to decipher, but most of them can be decoded right in your driveway.

Exploring Engine Noises
Exploring Engine Noises

Engine Noises-You will need to know what you’re listening for and how to listen.

Also having a heads up on the noise can reduce repair costs by addressing the problem before irreversible engine damage occurs.

When diagnosing engine noise, don’t forget basic techniques like running it with the drive belts removed, dropping the transmission into Drive and checking for broken accessory mounts.

Most techs are familiar with using a long screwdriver, socket extension or even a piece of hose as a stethoscope. A mechanic’s stethoscope will provide much clearer and accurate results.

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 We’ve all done it: While sitting in traffic, maybe at a red light, you listen. Is that a whirring sound? What is that whirring sound? Where is it coming from? Is it from my car? Is it in the engine? Please don’t let it be in the engine. It’s just the air conditioner. Or maybe it’s not even my car. The car in the next lane looks like a real clunker. I bet it’s that car.