Timing belt failure symptoms

Timing belt failure symptoms-What should you look for?

Replacing your vehicles Timing Belt or Cam Belt as it’s also known, can sometimes be a costly exercise depending on what type of vehicle you have.

The labour costs of removing the existing belt and installing a new one, add to the cost, and sometimes other mechanical parts that are starting to fatigue are spotted and recommended to be replaced at the same

timing belt
timing belt


When all of these costs add up your bank balance can take a bit of a battering. Generally a Timing Belt replacement when installed by a mechanic on average can take anywhere from 2 to 6 hours with the total cost somewhere in between $250 and $850.

Now I know you are thinking, “no way am I going to spend that on my vehicle”, but a Timing Belt failure can cause your vehicle major engine damage, which will be a lot more expensive than replacing the belt when you should have. Not only that a Timing Belt failure could also cause you to have an accident and no one wants to see that happen.
Vehicle manufactures will generally list in their manuals at what Intervals a Timing Belt should be replaced. A general rule of thumb is somewhere in the range of every 80000kms to 100000kms, but each manufacture may differ slightly.
Like any drive belt in any Industry, belts do wear when used regularly. A Timing Belt will rarely just snap or break in half. It will normally stretch over time and with use and that leads us to the number one reason to a Timing Belt failure, “Incorrect Tension”. This incorrect tension can lead to other problems like excessive tooth wear, tooth shear and belt noise just to name a few. The correct timing belt tension is just as important when installing a new belt as well.

Other causes of Timing Belt failure

  • Foreign Body in Drive
  • Belt crimped due to improper handling
  • Seizure of driven component
  • Worn Pulleys
  • High and Low Temperature
  • Oil Leaks
  • Belt Misalignment

Some symptoms of an impending Timing Belt failure can be things such as excessive exhaust gases than normal, excessive engine vibration and strange engine noises, issues starting the vehicle.

As listed above, pulley and tension issues are some of the main causes for Timing Belt failure so why not replace these parts at the same time as the belt. Timing Belt Kits are the perfect solution as they have all these accessory parts included such as, Idler Pulleys, Tensioners, Belts, Seals and other items, so you can replace the complete timing drive and not have to worry about having issues in the future prematurely.
Some Timing Belt Kits also include parts such as Hydraulic Tensioners and Water Pumps.

So while replacing your Timing Belt does sound a little daunting, it definitely is a proactive way of saving yourself dollars in the future. We recommend that you purchase a good quality Gates Timing Belt or Kit. Gates are working with all Vehicle Manufactures globally to produce Timing Belts for all new makes and models and ensure that the belts they are producing are up to the exact specifications required by the Vehicle Manufactures. It’s what makes Gates the most trusted name in the world for belts.

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