Head Bolts

Torque to yield bolts-What are they

January 26, 2017 Danny Bender

Torque to yield bolts-What are they ? Torque-to-yield bolts are exactly what they sound like. When tightened they stretch to the point of yield. Common torque to yield bolts are being used to hold, Cylinder heads Connecting rods Crankshaft main bearing caps Flywheels Front engine dampers When a shop manual […]

headbolt sequence

Head bolt tips-Never reuse (TTY) head bolts

January 22, 2016 Danny Bender

Head bolt problems are probably the number one cause of installation-related gasket failures. No gasket is going to seal well if you use the wrong procedure to tighten the head bolts. Make sure the torque specifications you are using are the latest, up-to-date numbers.  Make sure all of the head […]

Resurfaced cylinder head

Cylinder head resurfacing- (Dry Milling)

December 29, 2015 Danny Bender

Extremely smooth finishes require  Cylinder head resurfacing- (Dry Milling) to achieve really low Ra numbers. I like to use CBN or PCD tool bits to do a resurfacing job. You have to make sure you use the correct feed rate and speed – and the equipment is rigid enough to hold […]