Cylinder Leak Down Test (2)
Engine Testing Procedures and Fixes

Cylinder leak down test findings

April 11, 2017

Cylinder leak down test findings, What can they tell you ? Doing the cylinder leak down test, especially in conjunction with a compression test, should allow you to quickly determine the basic condition of any […]

Engine Cooling Fan
Engine Overheating Topics

How to testing your engine cooling fan

January 8, 2017

Testing your engine cooling fan can solve your heating issues. Is your Engine Overheating Is your Engine Cooling Fan Working If not , Let’s do some testing and fix it yourself. Let’s start with the easy stuff […]

Engine Testing Procedures and Fixes

Cylinder power balance testing made easy

October 27, 2016

Every engine will experience an occasional misfire and is considered normal.  Misfires can be fairly random and if spaced far enough apart, they should not cause any harm. A frequent or steady misfire will cause a […]