Engine Noise
Exploring Engine Noises

Engine noise under load-FAQ

Engine Noise Under Load- What can it be ! Don’t turn your back on car engine noise, and hope that it’ll just go away on its own. Chances are it won’t–and you’ll wind up with […]

engine knocking
Exploring Engine Noises

Engine Knocking Pinging Rattling

If your engine makes an annoying knocking, pinging or rattling sound when you accelerate or work your engine hard with a load – like driving uphill, passing a slowpoke or towing a trailer – then […]

Valve Train Noise
Exploring Engine Noises

Valve Train Noise-What is it ?

Valve Train Noise-What is it ? Understanding the Noise. Valve Train noise can also be caused by sticky valves, weak springs or excessive revving of the engine. Valve Train noise is similar to a clicking sound […]