Water Pump Failure
Water Pump

Water Pump Failure-What are the Symptoms

March 31, 2017

Although the water pump in most vehicles will last a long time, they are by no means indestructible. Like any other mechanical device, they will produce a few warning signs that they are wearing out. […]

worn engine bearings
Engine Bearings

Engine bearing failure damage

December 28, 2016

Bearing lubrication is critical from the second the engine turns over until it is shut down. If not engine bearing failure damage will result costing you major repairs or possibly a new engine. All engine […]

thrust bearing
Engine Bearings

Crankshaft Thrust Bearing Failure – Causes & Remedies

December 13, 2015

For years both transmission and engine rebuilders have struggled at times to determine the cause of crankshaft thrust bearing failures. In most instances, all of the facts concerning the situation are not revealed at the onset of […]