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I’m going to go through a few “problems” that you should be able to fix in the comfort of your own garage or driveway. Obviously, it has been pointed out to me that, not ALL of these issues will be so easy to fix on ALL cars. I understand that. But on most basic cars, these problems should be accessible.

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  • Analyzing Poor Performance Issues – Analyzing Poor Performance Issues is not easy and may be one or many faults at the same time. When diagnosing an engine problem, it is important to take a logical and methodical approach, and to fix what is known to be wrong first, instead of assuming that it could not be the main culprit.

  • Basic Engine Topics – Basic Engine Topics are going to include Crankshafts, Cylinder Heads and Engine Blocks. These parts are usually referred to as: bottom end, top end, front end, oil pan, valve cover, and front cover.

  • Diagnosing and Correcting Leaks – Diagnosing and Correcting Leaks properly includes identifying the leaking liquid. This is very important as some fluid leaks can be dangerous and can result in serious damage to the engine or other vital components. Also properly identifying the fluid can help you discover small problems before they turn into a major repair bill.

  • Diesel Engine Topics – Today’s diesel engines are extremely sophisticated and difficult to diagnose. The most outstanding feature of the diesel engine is its efficiency.

  • Engine Bearings – Engine Bearings are the things that let all the rotating parts go round and round. Engine bearings depend on a film of oil to keep shaft and bearing surfaces separated. Bearings fail when the oil film breaks down or when the bearing is overloaded.

  • Engine Machining – Engine Machining is usually done by a machinist at a machine shop. If you have any equipment to do your own work some of these topics may help. If not and you are going to start a project or do a repair you will need to find the right shop.

  • Engine No Start Conditions – Engine No Start Conditions are exactly what they sound like. For some reason your engine did not start. As a result, There are a number of conditions that can affect why the engine did not start.

  • Engine Overheating Topics – Engine Overheating Topics-An engine operates efficiently at a certain temperature. That temperature, even though it is too hot to touch by hand, is significantly cooler than it would be without a cooling system.

  • Engine Testing Procedures and Fixes – Engine Testing Procedures and Fixes That Can Help Save You Time and Money. Every car is different, but the myth foreign cars require special tools isn’t exactly true. Nearly all cars use basic nuts and bolts for the most common repairs you need to make.

  • Engine-Rebuilding – Engine-Rebuilding-Should You ? Go over all your options before making that big decision. If your car or truck is less than 10 years old, and you really like it, or you can’t afford to buy another vehicle at this time, your best choice is probably to repair or replace your engine.

  • Exploring Engine Noises – Exploring Engine Noises, Pay attention to Them. Some can be tricky to decipher, but most of them can be decoded right in your driveway. You will need to know what you’re listening for and how to listen.

  • Head Gasket Leaks – Head Gasket Leaks Need Immediate Attention. It is easy to be mislead, when trying to diagnose a bad head gasket. Symptoms will often vary considerably, depending on how the gasket fails. As a result, The term “blown head gasket” does NOT necessarily describe a single thing.

  • Mechanical Problems – Mechanical Problems Usually Start Off Small And End Up Big. A visual inspection of the engine is the first step in proper diagnostics. Recognize that the working engine is composed of a series of mechanical events that are interrelated.

  • Miscellaneous Topics – Miscellaneous Topics Will Be the Catch All Post Page For Now. This page is just about everything that we have not made a specific page for. Hence, We will keep adding pages as the topic list builds up.

  • Motorcycle-ATV – Motorcycle-ATV-Miscellaneous Topics. It’s that feeling you get when you twist the throttle. The adrenaline pumping and the wind in your face. We ride because it is our passion and it is what we love to do.

  • Oil Pressure – Oil Pressure, You Know You Need It ! If your oil light comes on you have a problem. There are a number of things that can go wrong. As a result, You may have already damaged your engine and it’s going to cost you big money.

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