Engine-Rebuilding-Should You ? Go over all your options before making that big decision.

If your car or truck is less than 10 years old, and you really like it, or you can’t afford to buy another vehicle at this time, your best choice is probably to repair or replace your engine.

The least expensive is a ring and valve job. This is done for a engine that has lost compression in one or more cylinders or is burning oil. A ring and valve job is done with the engine block in the car. It includes removing the head and rebuilding it, removing the pistons and re-ringing them, honing the cylinder walls if needed and replacing the rod bearings.
The next option is an in-house rebuild. This repair can fix pretty much any engine problem. Often this type of rebuild starts out as a ring and valve job where worn cylinder walls were found, requiring boring. For this repair the engine block is removed from the car. It includes rebuilding the head, boring the cylinders oversized and new pistons, new timing components, decking the block, replacing the rod and main bearings, replacing the freeze plugs, and other repairs as necessary.
The third and most expensive way repair the engine is a rebuilt exchange.
This is important to consider. If the engine overheated due to a partially clogged radiator and a new engine is installed without addressing this, the new engine will surely fail too. If your maintenance was spotty and you don’t change your habits, then the new engine will fail as well. There usually is a correctable reason for engine failure.

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