Why are automotive sensors so important today

February 23, 2017 Danny Bender

Before the use of computerized controls, fixing an automobile was straightforward and logical. Gasoline engines need the proper fuel and air mixture, compression to squeeze the mixture together, and a spark plug to ignite the mixture. In the old days, if you had fuel, spark and you were somewhere close […]

Head Bolts

Torque to yield bolts-What are they

January 26, 2017 Danny Bender

Torque to yield bolts-What are they ? Torque-to-yield bolts are exactly what they sound like. When tightened they stretch to the point of yield. Common torque to yield bolts are being used to hold, Cylinder heads Connecting rods Crankshaft main bearing caps Flywheels Front engine dampers When a shop manual […]

No Fuel

Common causes of poor fuel economy

December 27, 2016 Danny Bender

Maintenance is critical in keeping your vehicle running its best and minimizing fuel consumption.  Knowing the common causes of poor fuel economy is just the tip of the iceberg. It may not seem like that big a deal but staying on top of oil changes, replacing the air filters when […]


Engine troubleshooting FAQ

October 31, 2016 Danny Bender

Troubleshooting FAQ: Quick Trouble Shooting Topics with Answers Black smoke is coming from my exhaust White smoke is coming from my exhaust Blue smoke is coming from my exhaust Why does your vehicle smells like rotten eggs What if your vehicle lacks power on flat roads as well as hills My […]


Pushrods on G.M. 3.1 and 3.4 engines FAQ

May 5, 2016 Danny Bender

Exhaust and Intake Pushrods on G.M. 3.1 and 3.4 engines are different lengths.  Quite often I am seeing bent pushrods and valves when they are mixed up. Exhaust pushrods on G.M. 3.1 and 3.4 engines are longer than their intake counterparts. It’s critical to reinstall the correct length pushrod in […]

Center Punch Broken Stud

Broken bolt and stud removing tips

January 20, 2016 Danny Bender

Removing broken bolts and studs is never a fun job and can take more time then you think. Here are some ideas that might make the job easier. It never fails! Just when you think you have got the whole job taken apart and everything is under control you either […]

Brown Antifreeze

How to clean engine oil from cooling system

December 15, 2015 Danny Bender

Learn how to clean engine oil from cooling system. Professional Installers offer the following information on cleaning engine oil from a cooling system in internal combustion engines. Occasionally, engine oil and cooling system liquids are allowed to mix while an engine is running. In certain situations, cleaning the oil from […]