cylinder sleeve

How to install a cylinder sleeve

December 12, 2016 Danny Bender

Learning how to install a cylinder sleeve is an excellent way to salvage an otherwise junk block. Most cylinder damage comes from: A cylinder that has actually cracked Vertical scratches or dents Restoring back to factory size Cylinder sleeve come in all different diameters as well as 3/32 and 1/8 […]

Ball-Honing Cylinder

Using a Ball-Hone to Deglaze your cylinders

October 15, 2016 Danny Bender

The Ball-Hone is self-centering, self-aligning to the bore, and self-compensating for wear, Ball-hones provide great surface finish and will make your next re-ring job a success ! The Ball-Hone tool, is great if you are only trying to freshen a cylinder prior to re-ringing because it is not a material removal tool. […]

Resurfaced cylinder head

Cylinder head resurfacing- (Dry Milling)

December 29, 2015 Danny Bender

Extremely smooth finishes require  Cylinder head resurfacing- (Dry Milling) to achieve really low Ra numbers. I like to use CBN or PCD tool bits to do a resurfacing job. You have to make sure you use the correct feed rate and speed – and the equipment is rigid enough to hold […]

install valve seat

How to install and grind valve seats

December 17, 2015 Danny Bender

Learning how to install and grind valve seats can help solve oil burning issues. [wp_ad_camp_1] The growth in the valve seat insert market can be traced back to the early 1970s when the switch to unleaded fuel took place. Most of the engines in use or that were in core […]