Smoking from my car-What does it mean

February 1, 2017 Danny Bender

Smoking from my car-What does it mean? Smoking means that the engine is not operating normally. If you see smoke coming from your tailpipe, pay attention to the color of the smoke; you can use it to troubleshoot engine problems. Black Smoking Check the adjustment and operation of the automatic […]


Cylinder Head Gasket Leaks

December 11, 2016 Danny Bender

Cylinder head gasket leaks cause a variety of problems that no one is ready to deal with it. Compression loss, (power reduction, or a rough engine).  Excessive pressure, (exhaust gases in the cooling system).  Engine overheating and increased engine wear, (motor oil mixing with antifreeze). You can not see the gasket without […]


How To Tell When Your Head Gasket Is Blown

November 28, 2016 Danny Bender

Diagnosing your Head Gasket is Blown, by looking for the symptoms, can be quite misleading. This is because a failed head gasket is NOT a single thing. Head gaskets may fail in several different ways.  Many failure types are possible, each with different symptoms. The symptoms that we may notice will depend […]

white smoke

Blown Head Gasket Symptoms-What to look for

September 14, 2016 Danny Bender

Blown Head Gasket Symptoms-What to look for A blown head gasket can lead to repairs to the tune of $1000 to $3000. However, if one is able to see the signs of blown head gasket, in advance, you can prevent the car engine from major repairs. Expert car mechanics can […]


GM 6.6L Duramax Diesel – Head gasket selection

February 8, 2016 Danny Bender

The GM 6.6L Duramax diesel seems to be causing a lot of controversy over what the correct head gasket is for this application. Many installers are just picking the thickest gasket available to avoid any clearance issues, hoping that performance and reliability will not suffer. To maximize performance and longevity […]

headbolt sequence

Head bolt tips-Never reuse (TTY) head bolts

January 22, 2016 Danny Bender

Head bolt problems are probably the number one cause of installation-related gasket failures. No gasket is going to seal well if you use the wrong procedure to tighten the head bolts. Make sure the torque specifications you are using are the latest, up-to-date numbers.  Make sure all of the head […]