Water Pump Failure
Water Pump

Water Pump Failure-What are the Symptoms

March 31, 2017

Although the water pump in most vehicles will last a long time, they are by no means indestructible. Like any other mechanical device, they will produce a few warning signs that they are wearing out. […]

Fluid Leaks
Coolant Leaks

What is that fluid leak under my car

March 30, 2017

Once you know what you are looking at, finding the source of the fluid leak will be much easier. As a result, let’s try to figure out what fluid is leaking from your car and […]

automotive radiator
Engine Overheating Topics

Automotive radiator overheating causes and cures

March 28, 2017

Automotive radiator overheating causes and cures. Internal combustion engines run on heat. Chemical energy in the fuel is transformed into thermal energy when the fuel burns. This produces mechanical energy to push the pistons, spin […]

Head cracked
Coolant Leaks

Cylinder head cracking-What can cause it ?

March 14, 2017

Cylinder head cracking can result in catastrophic damage to the engine. In some cases, cylinder head cracking may be so severe that replacing the complete engine is the only cure. The causes of cylinder head […]

Automotive Engine Overheating
Engine Overheating Topics

Automotive engine overheating causes and cures

February 15, 2017

Most engines today are designed to operate within a “normal” temperature range of about 195 to 220 degrees F. A relatively constant operating temperature is absolutely essential for proper emissions control, good fuel economy and performance. […]

Radiator Cap
Rad Caps

How important is your radiator cap

February 7, 2017

Your Radiator Cap is more important than you think ! While radiator caps look simple and do not cost much, they are critical for a properly Operating cooling system. A faulty radiator cap can result […]

Engine Cooling Fan
Engine Overheating Topics

How to testing your engine cooling fan

January 8, 2017

Testing your engine cooling fan can solve your heating issues. Is your Engine Overheating Is your Engine Cooling Fan Working If not , Let’s do some testing and fix it yourself. Let’s start with the easy stuff […]

rad cap
Rad Caps

Radiator cap-What does it do

December 7, 2016

Radiator cap-What does it do The radiator cap does several things: seals the system against the outside world (main seal function) keeps the system pressurized when needed, so as to raise the boiling point of the coolant […]

rad cap
Rad Caps

Do you have a Bad radiator cap

November 9, 2016

Do you have a Bad radiator cap The radiator cap does several things. It seals the system against the outside world (main seal function) It will keep the system pressurized when needed, also rasing the […]