Engine Oil Leaks
Oil Leaks

Engine Oil Leaks-Finding And Fixing Them

September 6, 2017

Engine Oil Leaks-How can you tell if you have one? Here are some indicators: The tell-tale puddle below your engine. Red liquid means that the leak is probably transmission fluid. Green or orange with a […]

Vacuum Leak Detection
Engine Testing Procedures and Fixes

Vacuum Leak Detection – The Safe Way to Find Leaks

April 13, 2017

Vacuum leaks can trick you, and your car computer, into believing a particular sensor or system needs fixing. Then you start replacing components hoping you’ll fix the problem, unsuccessfully. Often, a vacuum leak makes an […]

Fluid Leaks
Diagnosing and Correcting Leaks

What is that fluid leak under my car

March 30, 2017

Once you know what you are looking at, finding the source of the fluid leak will be much easier. As a result, let’s try to figure out what fluid is leaking from your car and […]

Brown Antifreeze
Miscellaneous Topics

How to clean engine oil from cooling system

March 22, 2017

Learn how to clean engine oil from cooling system. Professional Installers offer the following information on cleaning engine oil from a cooling system in internal combustion engines. Occasionally, engine oil and cooling system liquids are […]

Broken Head Bolt
Head Gasket Leaks

Head bolt tips-Never reuse (TTY) head bolts

March 2, 2017

Head bolt problems are the number one cause of installation-related gasket failures. No gasket is going to seal well if you use the wrong procedure to tighten the head bolts. Make sure the torque specifications […]