Blown Head Gasket Symptoms-What to look for

Blown Head Gasket Symptoms-What to look for

A blown head gasket can lead to repairs to the tune of $1000 to $3000.

However, if one is able to see the signs of blown head gasket, in advance, you can prevent the car engine from major repairs.

Expert car mechanics can easily make a blown head gasket diagnosis, by looking for symptoms of head gasket through observation. Here is a compilation of head gasket symptoms that you should check out.

Blown Head Gasket Bubbles in rad
Blown Head Gasket Bubbles in rad

Blown Head Gasket Symptoms#1: Chronic Engine Overheating:

One major blown head gasket symptom is a consistently high temperature of the car engine. This is a symptom that can be easily checked from the temperature gauge of the car dashboard. Chronic engine overheating may be both a cause and symptom of a blown head gasket.



Blown Head Gasket Symptoms#2: Significant Drop in Coolant Level:

Check the engine coolant level. If it has dropped suddenly, then there is a possibility that the head gasket has blown up.


Head Gasket Symptoms#3: Mixing of Coolant and Engine Oil:

Check out the engine oil of your car. If you notice a frothy formation on the dipstick, there is a possibility that coolant and engine oil have gotten mixed.

white smoke
white smoke

Blown Head Gasket Symptoms#4: White Smoke from Exhaust Pipe:

If you notice sweet smelling white smoke along with water droplets from the exhaust pipe, then you could have a blown head gasket.

Blown Head Gasket Symptoms#5: Popping of Coolant Overflow Tank Cap:

Let the engine rest and cool down for about twenty minutes. Then open the car hood and locate the coolant overflow tank. If you remove the tank cap and it makes a popping sound, that could mean the cooling system is still pressurized even after engine has shutdown. This is a clear blown head gasket symptom.

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