Valve Train Noise

Valve Train Noise-What is it ?

Valve Train Noise-What is it ? Understanding the Noise. Valve Train noise can also be caused by sticky valves, weak springs or excessive revving of the engine. Valve Train noise is similar to a clicking sound of a sewing machine. The sound frequency of the valve train noise is one-half the […]

Valve Lifters

Hydraulic-Mechanical Valve Lifters-FAQ

Hydraulic-Mechanical Valve Lifters-FAQ. Valve lifters follow the contour of the camshaft lobe and transfers that motion to open and close the valves. Tappets or cam followers are just others names for the same thing. Let’s start with understanding the basics, Hydraulic and Mechanical. A domestic V-8 engine from the muscle car […]

Engine Rebuilding

Engine rebuilding remanufacturing FAQ

Engine rebuilding remanufacturing FAQ. What is the difference between engine rebuilding and engine remanufacturing? Typically a rebuilt engine will have a much shorter life than a remanufactured unit because the process is much less precise and, therefore, less predictable. Here are a few of the key differences: Engine Rebuilding is done mostly […]

Engine Cooling Fan

How to testing your engine cooling fan

Testing your engine cooling fan can solve your heating issues. Is your Engine Overheating Is your Engine Cooling Fan Working If not , Let’s do some testing and fix it yourself. Let’s start with the easy stuff and move down the line: The first step is checking for a blown fuse. As […]

Timing Belt

Why should you replace your timing belt

Timing belts have replaced timing chains on many of today’s engines. Not to be confused with “V-belts” or “Serpentine belts”, which are located on the outside of the motor to drive accessories, timing belts perform a much more vital role.  The purpose of a timing belt is to provide a […]

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